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The Cornucopia of Cash is overflowing with $50K! Get your share of the bounty by joining us every Friday and Saturday in November with bonus drawings on Thanksgiving Day!

Win a purse at The Lodge and you’ll find it stuffed with gift cards. Roll the dice to determine if you win a designer purse! Earn an entry for every 50 points earned, randomly selected winners every 30 minutes on select Saturdays in November!

Drawings every 30 minutes from 4:30pm-9:00pm for Cash and Free Pay prizes! Swipe each drawing day starting at noon to receive 100 free entries and earn 10 additional entries for each point you play! Visit our website for more details.


It’s no secret that Black Hawk Casinos & Hotels are Colorado’s premier gaming and entertainment destinations. In Black Hawk, Colorado, we are your best bet when choosing casinos in Colorado. For more than a century, people have traveled to Black Hawk in search of entertainment, luck and prosperity, and it’s certainly no different today. We’re also home to some of the most beautiful hiking and biking trails and camping areas in the entire state.

Getting Here

Visiting Black Hawk hotels is a great way to have fun! We have a great selection of beautiful hotels located in scenic Black Hawk, Colorado. The incredible Black Hawk casinos and hotels are less than an hour’s drive from the Denver Metro area. Whether you’re traveling from the North, West, or East – we have provided convenient travel suggestions including driving directions, bus routes, and parking information to make getting to this great city even easier.


Not sure where the fun is in Black Hawk, Colorado? Between the 16 casinos, hotels, and numerous restaurants in Black Hawk, we’ve condensed all of our gaming, lodging, and dining options into three convenient listings, with photos, information, and website links for popular venues in our town. Visit the links for Black Hawk Casinos, Black Hawk Restaurants, and Black Hawk Hotels for the finest entertainment and accommodations.